The Story of HonestEngineTV
One of them is an Academy Award nominee and the 2008 PGA Producer of the Year. The other is a Peabody Award Winner with Emmy Award and WGA nominations.

What happens when they join forces?

Nick and Meghan had always wanted to work together. Their careers had run close but their paths had never crossed. For a long while all they knew of each other were warm stories from mutual friends.

Finally, in early 2008 they came together over coffee. They talked about what they’d liked, what they’d learned, and where they wanted to go.

Nick McKinney is a Canadian, but he went to school in Mexico City and he’s lived in New York for more than a decade, so he’s very cosmopolitan now. Meghan O’Hara is not Canadian, but she has filmed there enough to garner honorary citizen status.

Meghan wrote, produced and directed her first film, the HBO/Cinemax documentary Roe v. Roe: Baptism by Fire, in 1998. A mother of two splendid boys, Meghan’s work has always concentrated on the smart and the political, from A&E’s Biography series to HBO’s documentary about the making of the ROME mini-series. She served as a producer on Shut Up and Sing, Barbara Kopple’s documentary about the Dixie Chicks, but is most known for her long-time collaboration with award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore, field producing both Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11. For her work on the Oscar-nominated SiCKO, Meghan received the Producer’s Guild Award for Producer of the Year.

Nick’s work is just as savvy. He was a writer-producer of Michael Moore’s Emmy-nominated The Awful Truth and a field producer on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He created and wrote the sketch comedy show, The Vacant Lot, which was produced by Lorne Michaels for MTV, Comedy Central and the CBC. He also co-wrote the acclaimed 32 Films About Glenn Gould. In 2002 he founded BorderlineTV, managing Blackberry commercial campaigns, the first season of Morgan Spurlock’s 30 Days for FX, and executive producing and directing the cult Comedy Central hit Insomniac with Dave Attell.

Joining forces, Nick and Meghan founded HonestEngineTV on the shared belief that truth is always stranger than fiction. Setting out to create provocative documentary-based television and film, they gave the company a simple mantra and a simpler mission.

Be fearless and be funny. Don’t just skewer American culture, flip it over and cook the raw parts.

They set about filling out a team to bring it all together. Andrew Siegal, a veteran Production and Development executive, came on board to manage overall production and develop production partnerships. Andrew spent several years working as a freelance producer for Comedy Central and MTV Development. Prior to that he was the Director of Production for MTV2, VP of Production for Michael Davies Production Company Diplomatic, and was Supervising Producer of Borderline TV. Over the past several years Andrew has created pilots with Morgan Spurlock, Neal Brennan (Chappelle’s Show), Ben Karlin (Daily Show) and filmmaker Brett Morgan. In addition he has served as the Line Producer on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn was Supervising Producer of Insomniac with Dave Attell.

With years of high-level production accounting experience, Reniera Lupton was brought in to make sure the company didn’t blow all its money on scratch-offs. David Schankula, another veteran from Michael Moore-land, came in with Meghan to coordinate creative development and Nick delivered Esther Lee, perhaps the most adept production manager in the biz (and also the only force on Earth able to keep Siegal in line).